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Performing since she was young, Kathleen Salsbury enjoyed studying Acting, Classical Voice, and French during her university years which also included working and studying abroad in Paris and Montpellier, France. While at Baylor University, Kathleen had the privilege of studying with Director and Acting Professor Ms. Deborah Mogford. Upon graduation, she continued to work in professional theatre and musical theatre productions and studied acting with Howard Fine. During this time, Kathleen began to write songs and produce her own albums of original music. She plays the piano and guitar and has shared her music at various concert venues and churches. Kathleen often performs with her family and her children (child actors/singers) Lola, Chloe & Noah Salsbury Lipson. Her latest album A Sparrow's Call (released in 2016 and which features her daughters singing with her on the title track) is a collection of her new songs, which she produced with composer and producer Fin Johnston. Kathleen and her children plan on recording a kids' album together later this year.

Kathleen was invited by Ms. Cynthia Munzer of the Met & USC and Dr. Gary Glaze of USC to sing opera at their International Vocal Institute in Hvar, Croatia. She was one of their featured soloists performing in fully-staged opera and musical theatre scenes, singing in the Hvar Summer Music Festival at historic outdoor venues like The Hvar Heritage Museum, The Monastery, and the oldest public theatre in Europe - The Hvar Public Theatre. Kathleen continues to act and, most recently, filmed the USC short film Clouds (directed by Justine Suh) with her eldest daughter Lola, and she played the mother in the God Came Near video filmed for Greg Laurie TV with Harvest Productions (directed by Austin Thompson). She continues to perform and sing for special events including The National Anthem at the Santa Anita Race Track and has acted in commercials and projects for voice over, television, and film. She enjoys working with her children and also serves with them in worship arts for church services at a local retirement home. Kathleen lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband Adam Lipson and their three children.


Unexpected - ©1999
Short Stories - ©2002
Songs in the Night - ©2002
On This Road - ©2007
Sing Unto The LORD - ©2010
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Kathleen Salsbury performing at The Monastery in Hvar, Croatia

A Sparrow's Call (New Album Release)

Wings Like a Dove

Kathleen performing in the Deborah Lemen Acting Studio Showcase at the CAP Theatre in Los Angeles

Kathleen with her eldest daughter actress Lola Salsbury Lipson at the screening of Greg Laurie's award-winning Harvest Film Caught Inside (directed by Dwight Thompson) in which Lola played the role of Chloe

Kathleen singing with her mother, sister, and daughters Lola and Chloe Salsbury Lipson at a concert in San Luis Obispo

Sharing her song "Day or Night" at The Rock Church in Anaheim, Kathleen performed with her sister Kristin Salsbury at Pastor Jack Hayford's "Keys to Revelation" Seminar.

Kathleen on the guitar Kathleen at the piano Kathleen in orange sweater Kathleen striped shirt